Wow! Therefore, no backyard chickens until I either a.move or b.get everyone in our huge development to petition the board to change the covents. Someone mentioned that one would no want to devil quail eggs. Chickens are the best. I bought a grown rooster once and it did go after my husband. I posted about it here: But at the same time, if I were in a survival situation and only had rabbit meat to eat, you bet your butt I would eat it fat-free or not. It could be covered by a handful of nuts every day, or a tablespoon full of olive oil. His sound isn’t soothing. After that, they can produce a litter as much as 3 times a year. Risk of fraud like credit card scams, phishing, hacking, identity theft etc. 2: Our four fathers whether Native American or Settler ate rabbit meat. Rabbits can and do grow well on food items that do not compete with food items, grown for humans. With chickens you have the eggs, meat, liver, bones, and feet (for a nutrition-packed broth) all at your fingertips! Personally, I’m used to chicken meat and am excited about making broth from the bones and feet. In fact, it has roughly the same fat content of white-tailed deer and most other wild game meat. Later pets were called, names like “Hot Biscuits” or “Gravy” & died of old age. 22: If you eat as much of the rabbit as you can like eyes, brain, silver skin and globular fat on top of the silver skin that would be the best in a survival situation. 15: As the worlds human population grows there will be less land and water to raise food. . Do they taste different than chicken eggs? We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Lamb 1420, Beef 1440, Pork 2050. - Duration: 18:32. I had no idea they were that territorial. Protein is needed in the diet for healthy cellular processes and … Even if you’re just 5 or 10 pounds overweight, you have enough stored fat in your body to remain healthy through an entire winter of eating nothing but rabbit. Surviving and homesteading are 2 different things. Thank you for your kind comment. A friend got me interested in coturnix quail, and I found that not only is their feed-to-egg ratio better than chickens, their space requirements and maturing time is less. Are you planning to write an updated entry on it? Price Foundation regarding health and real food (I just signed on to the Real Food Media Blogging Network) and (I’m not sure how familiar you are with them) they advocate traditional and nutrient-dense foods that are high in saturated fat. But I agree, if I had to pare down to a single animal…it’d be rabbits. Backyard grown rabbits contain a lot of fat as I have learned since writing this article. Certainly not. And as your post explains, they seem to provide plenty of fat which honestly makes me feel a lot better about the whole situation. This mineral accounts for 1 percent of your total body weight and influences your body’s ability to use carbohydrates and fats, as well as the repair of cells and tissues. we are just getting started with rabbits ourselves. There is speculation that 'Protein poisoning' was associated with eating rabbit meat, which is very lean. You are exactly right. But here’s the kicker- if you have a backyard  big enough for rabbits then you probably have a backyard big enough for a chicken coop as well. Are the Coturnix Quail eggs edible like chicken eggs are? is interesting, but you must improve graphics. Excessive consumption of meat is the risk of developing gout, arthritis. My grandfather and the older sons hunted and raised them – (And when I say “survival” I mean, food is scarce and you do not have many options for nourishment..), And also keep in mind that the rabbit starvation, happens over time of not having any fats to eat, its not like in a week of trying to survive. As she hatches them, I tend to take them away from her and put them in another pen and add some more eggs for her to continue to hatch. If you have use f… Response number 1. 1 Total world production of rabbit meat is estimated to be one million tonnes per annum (Lukefahr, 1985). In fact, it has roughly the same fat content of White-tailed Deer and most other wild game meat. 30: A 3-oz. It is one of the best white meats available on the market today! I would recommend keeping both chickens and rabbits if you can. Thanks for sharing your links with us- they are were pretty informing. I take protein from chicken, beef, mutton, etc. I had a dove get caught in our coop a few years ago. 9: Rabbit meat is seasonal any month of the year and is especially recommended during the hot summer months, as it does not contain the heating properties of most all other meats. Hello, i hope you don’t knock rabbit meat completely. You fail to do all your research Quail need less space, less food, and less time. To some extent, raising rabbits in colonies might reduce your workload, since you are not required to clean individual cages (although you still have to clean their living area in a colony). I think we were gonna try and go the roosterless route. So you get more than 2 for 1 when raising worms, and the rabbits of course for whatever you deem valuable on top of their help in raising worms. Some people say it would need to be somewhere closer to 3-4 weeks. Rabbit Cage Advantages and Disadvantages. It could be covered by a handful of nuts every day, or a tablespoon full of olive oil. But if you want to supplement fats in your diet, try growing some nut trees. If you eat the organs as well as the meat, you’ll get plenty of fat. Compared with most other meat, such as beef, chicken, lamb and pork it is high in protein and low in fat, cholesterol, and sodium. That is so funny about the swing set! As long as you’re not eliminating butter and oil from your diet, there’s nothing to worry about. Make them a small cage, keep them in that. They need to be protected from these by fences and other barriers. 31 Facts for Survival and Everyday use. Eat your pork sausage for breakfast, and your rabbit for supper, (when you don’t need so much fat before going to bed). Thanks for the compliment and mentioning me in your post- I learned a lot from it. Rabbit starvation only comes about if you only eat rabbit. (Also bone marrow). Wow, this is not something I’d heard before and is very enlightening to those trying to figure out next steps in food security/self-reliance/homesteading – it’s great to learn from each other. Click Here for Recipes Using Rabbit from the Meatrabbits Group. Add in the fact that they are relatively quiet, and when they ARE heard, no one says, “HEY! haha It will always be interesting to read through articles from other authors and practice something from their sites. I’ll let her lay on them to allow us to have more . n95 masks directly from our factory in U.S.A. We love our rabbits, all 11 of them. Having raised both chickens & rabbits…. You’re right, the rabbits that we would produce in our backyards would not be running and surviving like the rabbits the Indians were sometimes forced to eat. So really for the homesteading situation they are ideal. Anyone with any kind of stress should have quail. Good luck in your endeavors! Most people consider rabbits as a domesticated animal. So, I checked the index to see if rabbit was mentioned anywhere in the book and it was: Turns out rabbit meat is so lean that if a person ate it exclusively they could develop something called “fat-hunger” also known as “rabbit starvation.”. I’m fairly certain this old wives tale has been perpetuated for far too long. Any of the meat from these older rabbits that I don’t intend to grind is dry aged to naturally tenderize it. It is illegal but unless someone complains about the crowing, animal control is too busy to bother. To reach the ideal amount of protein, you only have to include a ration of some protein food in each of the main meals of the day, although you must adapt the proportion to the energy needs of each person. Certainly a can of tuna, sardines, oysters, Vienna sausages, potted meat, soup, whatever will suffice. Fishing will also provide healthy fats. And nutritionally-speaking, you get a lot more mileage out of chickens than rabbits. Someone wise once said that, ‘A rabbit is only as good as the food they eat’ Ok. That someone was me. The liver is a huge source of fat. Raising Rabbits – A Beginners Guide. I wish you luck. As for recipes, substitute 3-4 quail eggs for each chicken egg, you’ll be fine…, Unless you are talking about deviled eggs…. (U S D A circular # 549) There are no crowds especially during weekends, festivals and holidays online shopping remains the best option. Jackie Ritz Recommended for you. Your email address will not be published. Additionally, many meat rabbits are raised in cages. They are the most productive Angora in the world producing 11oz of super warm soft fiber ever three months. You can get 3 batches of broth from one chicken carcass, which I think is a pretty good return. There is speculation that other low-fat game meats could cause the same phenomena. A can of Chef Boyardee Raviolis has enough fat to keep you healthy all winter. Yep, if I were starving I would be VERY glad to have found a rabbit. Rabbits need hay for fodder as well as for comfort in a hutch. Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Rabbit - Duration: 7:35. Order here, Landing Page Design & Conversion Rate Optimization 2017. He’s not as loud as a rooster, but he can be annoying. Last comment: once you have have eaten fresh eggs you will never go back to store-bought eggs. That’s probably why God didn’t recommend it. It can also be costly to pay a vet when your rabbits get sick, which does happen along the course of a rabbit’s life. trimmings (meat) and the body cavity fat), the meat sears in its own According to the WAPF, traditional peoples, like Native Indians, ate rabbit only on occasion and when they did they prepared the WHOLE animal- even grinding down the bone and eating it as well. grease…sometimes worse than my home made pork sausage! Just like the strawberry bloke, or anything else. MedlinePlus reports that some physicians may recommend incorporating more selenium into your diet to combat hardening of the arteries, as well as cancers such as stomach, lung, prostate and skin cancer. I raise both rabbits and chickens in my back yard along with being able to hunt and fish for more variety yet. What about you? Before you know it, you’ll have so much rabbit meat in your freezer you won’t know what to do with it all. We don’t have the acreage for cows or pigs but we do have enough space and grass for rabbits. Rabbit is not “entirely lean”. Big Wool Producers: Rabbits are also the best wool producer on the basis of wool produce per kilograms of body weight because rabbit needs about 30 % low digestible energy for producing wool in compared to sheeps. So people will be less likely to steal them in times of turmoil. The reason for this is that there is no legal obligation to humane killing of farmed rabbits unlike cattle, poultry etc (if any of it is actually ‘humane’).