So, as you can see, a Husky is not a guard dog, but they can certainly help protect your home and family. Make sure your pooch has a place to relax outside that's cool, such as a kiddie pool filled with cool or lukewarm water that they can escape to … Personality. So basically, what you're saying is that people should get Shiba Inus instead of Huskies. I can corroborate this story. 1. Chris Boudens thought it would be fun to play Billy Joel's "Piano Man" for his dogs. So, are Huskies dangerous dogs? That’s right, the Husky is a dog breed from around 1,000 B.C. That being said he rarely does that when it is both myself and my husband. they are generally not an agressive breed like some others are prone to be, their main issue is just being a pain in the ass in general. We believe female Husky names should reflect their outer and inner beauty, so we have made a list of 120 beautiful monikers, which we think will enhance the mesmerising qualities of your canine. Finding The Best Puppy Food For Huskies. u/Dat420sik. A bored Husky with pent-up energy will turn to destructive and troublesome behaviors. Plays rough (but will know not to bite hands with enough reinforcement). There will be dog fur on any clothes that were worn during the home invasion including but not limited to: shirts, pants, hats, socks, shoes, and, for mysterious inexplicable reasons, even underwear. Sporting dogs like retrievers and spaniels are friendly and often get along with anyone, including cats. Very smart breed! But as an owner, it’s worth looking into potential aggressive behaviors of these dogs. The U.S. knew they needed a special type of dog to locate and help rescue these airmen. You have a companion, a friend, and a family member are rolled up into one. Must always be on a leash (they have one of the highest prey drives of any breed and will not hesitate to leave you for chasing a squirrel). No, Huskies are not inherently dangerous dogs. I would say at least once a week or twice. They will give the intruder a loud welcoming, "Woo Woo!" Do they smell like my mom said? This subreddit is dedicated to Siberian huskies, anything related to the beautiful dog. They're pals, I swear it brought out the youth in our dogs. It’s also very smelly. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. They are steadily digging under the fence, I'm foiling their attempts, they're tenacious that's for sure! If you aren’t prepared for such an intelligent and energetic breed, you may want to rethink. Prepare for your life to be turned upside down. As your Siberian Husky ages, he or she will likely become less active and require diet changes to accommodate slowing metabolism. Does your husky show any aggression or suspicion to people they haven't met before, or are do they accept them easily? /r/dogs is a discussion-based subreddit, meant for asking questions, sharing information, and learning about our beloved canine companions and related dog-centric topics. Huskies are intelligent working dogs, and they require a lot of exercise to be happy. You need to walk them a lot. Huskys are good with other dogs, but I'd like to add, other dogs aren't always good with Huskys. An adorable Husky has been captured on video while blowing bubbles underwater. They have the energy to burn, and if they're not given the right outlet, they'll find their own way to get the vigorous exercise and stimulation they need. This dog food offers complete nutrition for your mutt. Best Dog Foods for Senior Siberian Huskies. Do they needs/training of this dog usually differ from that of a Siberian husky? Due to their history as working dogs, Siberian huskies have special diet requirements. She's welcome to come along if she wants, or would that not be considered fun for her? They reach 20-23” at the shoulder and weigh between 35-60 lbs as adults. Again your dog will learn the 21 skills that all family dogs need to know. Need good dog food suggestions. With any breed: you get what you invest in with many, many times interest in return. One of the reasons I considered taking in this husky is because I tried to provide a home for a friends 6 year old Jack Russel. This typically equates to 1.5 – 2 cups of a high-quality, nutritionally dense kibble. Mar 14, 2019 - Are Huskies Good With Kids/babies? Female Husky Dog Names. Indeed, the free-spirited Siberian Husky is usually good-natured with everyone. I've had a 8 weeks old husky puppy for about 4 days now and the no-bite training doesn't seem to be too effective. There is also a smaller community for University of Washington [here]( “Generally, yes, huskies are good with kids, strangers, anyone really. Before proceeding further into the house the intruder will need to give ear scratches, pets and mandatory belly rubs. She was obviously distressed over being left by her old owner, but I would not risk him. Doesn't bark at every living thing (I'm looking at you, chihuahuas!) Siberian Huskies are considered medium-sized dogs, putting them in the same size category as Australian Shepherds, Boxers, and Vizslas. Most Siberian Huskies are sociable with other dogs, but he has a very high prey drive and may destroy cats if not raised with them. Yes, they shed a lot, like the others said, but only twice a year and somehow those tufts that come out don't affect … Running around, howling and wanting to play. Generally, they do well with children although young children should never be left alone with any breed. Ok so my idiot brother adopted a three month old husky but decided he cant keep it. You need a sense of humor and endless patience to have a husky. Hahahahahahahahaha….. Oh. Female Huskies are renowned for their beauty and prowess, making them some of the most stunning and desirable pets! He is playful, athletic, agile, and light on his feet. My roommate is getting one here in a few weeks and I can't stop looking up more about these dogs and awwing over their pictures. Thank you for your helpful answer. Thank you for your helpful reply! They lived outside, worked, and would have pulled their masters for miles each day. They find warmer weather tougher because their coats are so thick. Get a german shepherd if you're after a guard dog. I decided that I wanted to get a new puppy for my benefit and dogs. They did have adequate space to be alone. Are they hyper, and can this be problematic? It's not true. Everyone else has already made good points. Huskies are very friendly dogs, very few of them are mean and nasty. While Huskies can be trained to be other types of service dogs it is not as common and there are some stipulations on whether a huskie will fit you and your needs. We found KONG to be a great toy for our huskies, to keep them entertained and cool at the same time. The funny dog is lying in a stream and enjoying making bubbles with its nose. As with all dogs, proper socialization and supervision around children are very important. Huskies are generally gregarious goofballs. The question: do huskies make good pets, is often raised because they do not differentiate that much in their looks from their ancestors the wolf. The Boston terrier is a well-mannered dog that will love every member of the family. He learned to pull off the planks. What I love most about this dog food is that all its ingredients are natural. I do not have a husky but 2 senior basenjis with a history of aggression toward other dogs. She was running around and howling, wanting to play. A number of planes en route to Europe ended up crash landing in Greenland. Humans use huskies in sled-dog racing.Various companies have marketed tourist treks with dog sledges for … Siberian Huskies are like most other breeds in the world when it comes to bathing – they hate it. It appears that when a dog submerges its nose, it instinctively blows air out of it to avoid inhaling water. It will be impossible for an intruder to have an alibi. I had two older Springers when I got my huskies. My goal is to make sure that dog has no shedding left in them by the time they leave (or at least cut down shedding significantly). The last of the best dog breeds for cats on our list is the Boston terrier, a dog with a whole lot of heart. One can differentiate huskies from other dog types by their fast pulling-style. Have an alibi playful, athletic, agile, and almost are huskies good dogs reddit playing, do you think that develop! 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