Hurwitz, J.S., Nugent, A., Halper, F. and Kaufman, M., 2013. Operations as a source of competitive advantage; Trade-offs and combinations, Process Analysis, Difference between Manufacturing and Service Operations. Questionnaires: Characteristics, Functions and Types. LBO (Leveraged Buy Out): Characteristics, Categories, Financing. Financial Planning: Concept of Financial Planning; Process of Financial Planning; Characteristics of Sound Financial Plans; Factors Affecting Financial Plan. Anderson, J.C., Narus. MB 33309: Indian Philosophy and Leadership (3 Credits). Information and the Law, Rights of Employeesand Employers, Redress for software Failures, Computer Crime, Ethical Issues in Computer Security. Management of Inventory: Major Determinants of the Volume of Inventory; Objectives of Inventory Management; Costs and Benefits of Inventory; Inventory Control and Planning; Inventory Control Techniques. MB 33310: Organization Change and Development (3 Credits). Objective: On successful completion of this course, the students would be able to Understand the importance, opportunities and challenges for starting small business in the context of globalization. Olivier Blanchard, Macroeconomics, Pearson Education, 2017. Personal Financial Planning: Introduction, features, objectives and scope of personal financial planning. McDonough, W., Braungart, M. (2002). Various aspects of setting price levels, implementation of pricing policies and structures and optimizing pricing strategies. Delivery of training and learning modules including facilitation of training and learning climate, instructional methods. To give Management students a broad understanding of Artificial Intelligence technologies from Business perspective. People Analytics in the Era of Big Data: Changing the way you attract, acquire, develop and retain talent. New Jersey: Pfeiffer-Wiley. Jacobs, F.R., Chase, R.B. Economic incentives for environmental protection; Price rationing and quantity rationing; Liability rules; Pollution taxes for efficient control of pollution; Coase Theorem; Theory of Commons; Basic theory and issues in tradable pollution permits. Of these, nine courses must be taken from among the ten compulsory courses on offer, while the other seven are to be selected from optional courses.While students are expected to take optional courses within the School, they are also permitted to take up to two optional courses from other centres or schools. N.D.: Pearson Education. Sources of Capital Formation for entrepreneurs. Issues in delegating responsibility and evaluation of performance, Significance of Performance Information systems, Interlinks between Organizational development and employee performance systems. This course attempts to build a strong relationship of organizational goals and strategy. Environmental analysis: environmental scanning - Industry analysis - Competitive analysis -Internal analysis: Resource Based view, SWOT / PEST / ETOP analysis, Value Analysis. Basu, Kaushik, Analytical Development Economics, MIT Press,1997. Why study e-commerce? Definition – Characteristics – Categories – Dynamic Role of small business in Indian Economy – Interrelationship between small and large scale industries – Generating business ideas for starting small enterprise. Brooks/Cole Cengage Learning. New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi 110067. Travel and Tourism is a growing industry with jobs being created worldwide every day. ----- Optional Course 5. The objective of this course is to provide a detailed understanding of various qualitative and quantitative measures (metrics) of human resource activities and processes in organizations, research, track and compile these measures into data sets, and use statistical tools for analysing the data. Australia: Thomson Wadsworth. Public policy issues, role, rationale and requisites of a National Technology Policy, IPR and licensing issues, Role of WTO in new age technology and process choices. The main objective of the course is to provide the students with a comprehensive knowledge of different demographic concepts and their importance to the management professionals. MB 33704:Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility (3 Credits). Ethical Issues:Ethical issues in mergers & acquisitions, insider trading, Job discrimination: gender & caste issues, insider trading & proprietary data, bribes & kickbacks, gifts & entertainment, whistle blowing, Issues before consumers, product safety, price packaging labeling, deception and unfit advertising. Chakraborty, S.K., 1995. International Monetary System: Nature and Scope of International Financial Management; Evolution of International Monetary System; Bretton Wood Conference; International Monetary Fund; Role of IMF; Funding Facilities; European Monetary System (EMS); Mechanisms and European Monetary Union; International Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Tourism Industry and its Organization 2. MB 33803: Industrial Economics (3 Credits). Rural and Agricultural labour in India, Minimum Wages and Other Regulatory Benefits to the Workers. NJ: John Wiley. Dahl, C.A., International Energy Markets: Understanding Pricing, Policies and Profits, Penn Well, 2009. MB 33503: Information Security Management (3 Credits). Arizona: Scottsdale, The Stone Soup Hustler Publication. Classification of psychological tests: Behavioral observation, self- report, Standardized/ non- standardized, Objective/ Projective, Dimensions measured. Applications of Soft Computing techniques to solve a number of real life problems will be covered to have hands on practices. Consumer Behaviour: Its Origin and strategic Applications, Consumer Behaviour Concept, Importance of Consumer behaviour, Contemporary Dimensions of Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Decision Making & Marketing Implications, Modelling Consumer Behaviour, Consumer Segmentation, Targeting and Marketing Strategy , Customer value, satisfaction and retention, Technology and Consumers. Indian Contract Act-Vol I & II. Jan-Erik Lane (ed. 2. Nature and types of industrial finance, sources of institutional finance, Commercial Banks, Trends in institutional finance for industrial sector. Oxford University Press. Historical Phases of Corporate Social Responsibility, Perspectives of CSR. Leadership and business ethics. Introduction: Meaning, Nature and Scope of Micro-credit and Microfinance; characteristics; Distinctive features; Advantages; Microfinance and socio-economic development; Micro finance environment in India and Abroad., Micro-credit and Micro-finance models. Interface with Social Media and Cloud, social media marketing, Understanding social media. Profile of Small Business. Role of Knowledge management in Innovation. In. Marketing strategy implementation, evaluation & control. Establishing Common Business Terminology, Identifying the Organizational Key Business Initiatives, Identifying Key Business Entities, Key Decisions and Data Sources. Law of limitation Provisions of Bankers Book Evidence Act Special features of Recovery of Debts Due to Banks and Financial Institutions Act, 1993 TDS Banking Cash Transaction. In other words, this sector is all set to generate ample amount of job opportunities. Pedregosa, F., Varoquaux, G., Gramfort, A., Michel, V., Thirion, B., Grisel, O., Blondel, M., Prettenhofer, P., Weiss, R., Dubourg, V. and Vanderplas, J., 2011. New product development and life cycle management. Information Processing Model of Communication, Overview of Marketing Communication Options, Developing Integrated Marketing Communication Programs , Leveraging Secondary Brand Knowledge to Build Brand Equity,  Conceptualizing the Leveraging Process, Country-of-Origin and other Geographical Areas, Channels of Distribution, Co-Branding, Ingredient Branding, Licensing, Celebrity Endorser. USA: Prentice Hall. This course is aimed at helping students gain an insight into the basic concepts and application of Knowledge Management in business and industry. Introduction: Introduction to the course and the pedagogy, Introduction-Importance of culture, The Concept of Culture, Comparison of Cross-cultural Behavior , Culture as a system, roots of cultural identity; building blocks of culture, Major Obstacles in International Business Decisions, Understanding Culture: Key Concepts Coverage,Key concepts in understanding culture, Edward T Hall’s framework; High and low context cultures; Monochromic and polychromic cultures ,Dimension of Cultural Differentiation - Geert Hoefstede's Model, Dimension of Cultural Differentiation:Cluckhohn Coverage, Mapping the culture, Clyde Clickhohn’s Cultural Orientation Framework, Structural Evolution of Global Organizations, Cultural Differences in Management/Business Practices Coverage: Implications for management practices, e.g., strategy, organizational forms, leadership, motivation, team-working, Ethics in International Business, Diversity at Work: Managing diversity: Causes of diversity, the paradox of diversity, Adjusting to the New Culture Coverage: Understanding and managing the culture shock; stages of cultural adjustment, MB 33303: Cultural and Philosophical Foundations of Management (3 Credits). Lexis Nexis Latest Edition. The Management and ethics omnibus. L Bently& B Sherman., 2009. HRD climate, Safety, wellness, and employee health); Social, Demographic and Occupational metrics (Diversity); Methods of data capture and benchmarking; Aligning HR Metrics and Organizational Performance. The main objective of the course is to provide comprehensive knowledge to the students about various aspects of the transportation sector, including the growth of transportation systems and their impact on economics of time, relationship between transportation communication and other infrastructure. Investment Planning objectives – Retirement planning, tax saving, capital growth, liquidity and safety Investment. Boyle, G., Renewable Energy: Power for a Sustainable Future, Oxford University Press, 2015. Cooper, J., Price Elasticity of Demand for Crude Oil: Estimates for 23 Countries, OPEC Review: Energy Economics & Related Issues (27). MB 13603: Business Research Methods (3 Credits). Classical decision tree based learning methods, machine learning- symbol based, neural network based, genetic programming based, customer analytics at big basket – product recommendations, recommender systems, machine learning for email marketers. Data Modelling Concepts and Data Visualisation. Price customization, segment pricing, bundling, portfolio pricing, product line and life-cycle pricing, Concepts of customer life-time DRAFT value, non-linear and dynamic pricing, role of promotions and incentives to achieve pricing objectives. Developing HR Systems and Tools Metrics, HR tool as an aid to implementing HR system, Assessment Centre as a tool for internal recruitment, HR systems/practices tools metrics, Implementing the metrics and HR effectiveness. Pricing challenges/opportunities in industries and market characteristics. Students take four optional courses in the final semester. At the completion of the first two semesters of the first year and before the commencement of the third semester in the second year the student is required to undergo summer training in an organisation.A report based on the summer training shall be submitted within six weeks from the commencement of the third semester. Students of this programme are required to complete sixteen courses of four credits each, earning sixty-four credits over the course of four semesters. Social Medial analytics: data type and collection, structured and semi-structured data, social media metrics, social medial ROI, Social networks and social network analysis; Social media analytics with unstructured data. Listening to Customers through Research: Using Customer Research to Understand Customer Expectations, Elements in an Effective Service Marketing Research Program, Analysing and Interpreting Customer Research Findings, Using Marketing Research Information, Building Customer Relationships: Relationship Marketing, Relationship Value of Customers, Customer Profitability Segments, Relationship Development Strategies, Relationship Challenges, Service Recovery: The Impact of Service Failure and Recovery, How Customer Respond to Service Failures, Service Recovery Strategies, Service Guarantees. Objective: This course has been designed to provide conceptual understanding on the Rural Marketing with special reference to Indian context and develop skills required to planning for rural product. Standard Costing and Variance Analysis: Introduction, Meaning and limitations of Standard Costing, Standard costing as a management Tool, Historical costing, Estimated Costing and Standard Costing, Standard Cost and Budgeted Cost, Determination of Standard Cost for Direct Material, Direct Labour and Overhead Cost. During the course of study, Participants will be familiarized with the statistical software used for data analysis. Bitcons, PPIs, Business Service Infrastructure – Directory services, Search Engines. Salesmanship: Meaning, Definition – features of Good Salesmanship – Sales force management – Sales quota and target – Salesman productivity and Compensation. Situation Analysis, Objectives, Building and Sustaining Relationships in Retailing. If they wish, they may take the third Theory and Aesthetics course as an optional course. Analytical Approaches and Tools to Analyse Data, Analytical approaches, History of Analytical tools, Popular Analytical Tools & their Comparisons; Exploring R, Reading Datasets and Exporting Data from R, Use of various commands, Manipulating and Processing Data in R, Selecting appropriate Data Structure, Creating Data Subsets, Merging Datasets in R, Sorting Data, Putting Data into Shape, RHadoop, Text Mining in RHadoop, Data Mining in Hive, Social Media Analytics, Text Mining and Data Privacy. The most essential learning outcomes of MBA programmes have been identified in this revised curriculum. Evolution of sales management, Economic Development & selling Environment, Nature & importance of sales management, Role & skills of modern sales managers, Types of sales managers/sales management positions, Sales objectives, strategies & tactics, Emerging trends in sales management, Linking sale & distribution management, Role of intermediaries. 1: SAA 414     Introduction to Film Studies, 2: SAA 501     Introduction to Theatre and Performance Studies, 3:SAA 405      Methods, Materials and Meaning in Visual Art, 4: SAA 440     Critical Writing for the Arts, 1: SAA 465     Indian Cinema Past and Present, 2: SAA 574     History of Performance: The Indian Context, 3: SAA 401     Indian Art and Architecture from Proto-history to the Eighteenth Century, The MA in Arts & Aesthetics Admission to the MA is through an entrance examination. Defining Retailing and its significance, The Market – Retail Equation; The global retail market, Multi-Chanel Retailing, The wheel of retailing, Evolution of Retail in India, Key Sectors, Types of Retail in India, Challenges faced by Indian Retail, FDI in Retail. Consumer Behaviour in the Financial Services Industry. Small Business and LPG. Applications of MIS: Cases on Strategic Use of MIS in Different Industries; ERP; CRM and SCM; MIS for Leadership and Strategic Planning; Re-engineering Work Processes for MIS Application. Boston, MA: Addison-Wesley. MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 1996. Evolution of commodity exchanges, global commodity derivatives exchanges, latest developments. Economics of natural resources and environmental management. Reconciliation between bank pass book and cash book. Lynton, R., & U. Pareek. Agriculture, Seasonal Unemployment and Economic Development Policy. Issues relating to public debt; Sources of internal and external public debt;Danger of high internal or external public debt; Safe limit of public debt; Debt burden analysis and management of public debt; Federal finance in India; Allocation of revenue resources between centre and state under constitution; Finance Commissions in India and changing recommendations; Budgetary deficit vs. fiscal deficit; FiscalPolicy. MB 33504: Business Process Management (3 Credits). Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility, MB 33701:Corporate Restructuring (3 Credits). Crew and Paul R. Kleindorfer, Economics of Public Utility Regulation, MIT Press, 2014. Capitalization and Capital Structure: Concept, Nature and Scope of Capitalization; Earnings Theory and Cost Theory of Capitalization; Over-Capitalization; Under-Capitalization; Capital Structure Theories and Factors Determining Capital Structure. MB 33111: Management Accounting (3 Credits). Contract and Operating Costing: Salient clauses and accounting features of Contract costing, Retention money clause and Escalation clause, Profit of incomplete Contract, WIP in balance sheet. Introduction to Strategic Management and Alliance, Evolution, nature, and objectives of strategic management; Concept of strategy, levels at which strategy operates, strategic decision making, schools of thought on strategy formation; Process of strategic management; Corporate governance and social corporate responsibility. The course does not provide solutions to ethical dilemmas, but encourages critical ethical thinking and decision making. Web, Non-store Based and Other Forms of Unconventional Retailing. Students can customize their learning not just through a selection of electives as major and minor specialization from a large pool of electives. The course aims to impart skills and enable students to approach business problems analytically by identifying opportunities to derive business value from data. An introduction to our FREE Level 2 Travel and Tourism Course International Capital Markets: Development of International Capital Market; Euro Credit Markets; Euro-Currency Loan; ADR and GDR Issues; Domestic vs. Foreign Equity Investment; Cross Border Diversification; International CAPM. Designing and Implementing Branding Strategies. Aurobindo, S. (1993). Customer value theories, economic price optimization, basic principles of pricing strategies. Hillman, Arye L., Public Finance and Public Policy, Cambridge University Press, 2003. ), Handbook of Health Economics, Newhouse, North-Holland, Elsevier Science. MB 33509: Electronic Commerce (3 Credits). London: Kogan Page. Estimating the Discount Rates, Growth Rates, Cash Flows and Dividend Discount Models. Group Dynamics (6thed). The objective of this course is to provide theoretical background of Relationship concept, various models of CRM, enabling technologies, implementation issues and train the students on application of those ideas in formulating and implementing marketing strategies. Forming the business – Sources of Finance – Start up strategies – Market research – Managing the small business – The business plan. Maintenance: Job Evaluation, Wage and Salary Administration; Incentives; Motivation; Workers’ Participation in Management; Employee Discipline and Grievance; Industrial Disputes; Industrial Relations; Trade Unions; Collective Bargaining; Performance and Potential Appraisal. Our location in Perth's cultural centre at the heart of the tourism precinct MB 33402:Corporate Innovation & Entrepreneurship (3 Credits). Gane, C. (2017). They may apply as a tour escort, tour agency clerk, hotel and resort personnel, tour agent, government tourism staff, event coordinator, flight attendant, travel writer, and a tourism researcher. Simon, Julian, Economics of Population Growth, Princeton University Press, 1977. Boston. FCFE Models, FCFF Models and Valuation Using Multiples. Shryock, Henry S. and Jacob S. Siegel, The Methods and Materials of Demography, Academic Press, 1976. Newspaper articles especially The Times of India, Economic Times, Mint, The Hindu, Business line. Graduates of BS in Tourism Management may pursue a career path in travel agencies, travel ticketing offices, event organizing companies, and the Department of Tourism. Investment Planning: Meaning and process of investment planning. Objective:To make the student understand the principles followed and functions performed by management in a business organization and also to understand why employees / people behave as they behave at work place. Michael A. Rural Marketing Environment, Rural Infrastructure-Transportation & Communication, Marketing Infrastructure, Key Factors influencing Rural Buying behaviour, Adaptation and modification of consumer decision, Rise of consumerism, Age & stage of life style, Information & pre purchase evaluation. Free Trade and Protection- Arguments for and against Free Trade and Protection; Tariffs-Classifications of Tariffs, Effects of Tariffs- Partial Equilibrium analysis, Concept of Optimum, Tariff and Retaliation; Quotas- Types, Effects; Tariffs versus Quotas. in P.G Entrepreneurial Mind-set, Entrepreneurial Strategic Orientation, Commitment to Opportunity, Commitment to Resources, Early Stage Resource Control, Management Structure for Entrepreneurial Culture. Improving the efficacy of Sales Management, Negotiation & Margin Management- Pricing Waterfall, Bargaining, Negotiations Tactics, and Negotiation Skills. The course aims to provide a framework to apply the understanding of cultural differences to attain managerial effectiveness and provide help for designing systems and structures, HR practices, etc. Objective: The objective of this paper is to make students aware about corporate environment and its effect on entrepreneurship. Objective:To make the participants understand the issues involved in ensuring the availability of required type and quantity of employees at required time to extract the best and maximum from the employees to achieve the organizational goals effectively. Objective:The course seeks to bridge the gap between the ethical behavior of the individual and the challenges posed by organized business activity in the global marketplace. The Financial and Economic Impact of Service: Service and Profitability, Offensive Marketing Effects of Service, Defensive Marketing Effects of Service. Indian Contract Act – 1872-General Principles of Contract Act- Sections 1 TO 75 of the act Introduction, Essentials of a valid contract, performance and discharge of a contract, remedies on breach of a contract, Quasi contracts, etc. Practical Problems on Variance. A Simulation Based Methodology for Designing Business Processes, Basic Tools for Process Design, Workflows & BPMS. Value investing and growth investing. Using Maps to Improve Insight, Creating a Standard Map, Adding Custom Geocoding to Your Data source, Using Custom Background Images to Plot Spatial Data, Shaping Data to Enable Point-to-Point Mapping, Animating Maps Using the Pages Shelf or Slider Filters. and Sun, J., 2006. SAA-504    Aspects of Musical Performance, SAA-505    The Comic Traditions in Performance, SAA-515    Museums and the Representation of Culture, SAA-516    Film Genres – Theories and Histories, SAA-522    Cinema and Television in the Digital Age, SAA-527    Political Theatre in 20th Century, SAA-551    Modernism & Critical Revisions, SAA-552    Contemporary Indian Theatre: Movement & Institutions, SAA-553    Dance, Body and Society : Functional Perspective &Changes, SAA-555    Living Traditions of Indian Performing Arts, SAA-557    Adaptation and Staging of Texts, SAA-558    Cultural Studies and Performance, SAA-559    Asian Art: Post-colonial Paradoxes, The MA in Arts & Aesthetics Admission to the MA is through an entrance examination. The objective of this course is to appreciate the IMC perspective in marketing, be proficient in using data and information related to market as input and design advertising campaigns, develop a better understanding of promotional tools, appreciate the role of promotions in brand building & develop capability to dissect and decipher various promotional activities in circulation in real life. Project Management, Quality management and Sustainable Operations Management. ;Structured Systems Analysis; System Development; System Development Life Cycle; Prototyping, Quality Assurance and Evaluation of Information Systems. Barker, M., Barker, D.I., Bormann, N.F. Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation Act, 1986): Definitions, Prohibition of employment of children in certain occupations and processes, Regulation of conditions of work of children, The Child Labor (Prohibition and Regulation) rules, 1988. Basic concepts of strategy, how e-Channels create value? Production Decisions: Firm's behaviour in Short and Long Run; Cost: Concepts; Theory; Short-Run and Long-Run Costs; Revenue Functions: Total, Average and Marginal Revenue; Break-Even Analysis. MB 33809: Transportation Economics (3 Credits). Nature and Concept, Growing importance of international marketing and export management, Domestic v/s International Marketing, Self-Reference Criteria, Ethnocentrism, World Economy-Over View, Introduction to emerging economies, role of emerging economies in world trade, E-commerce, Trade Theories,  Imperatives of going global, Porter’s Diamond Model for competitive advantage. Accounting for Issue of Shares; Issue and Redemption of Debentures; Redemption of Preference Shares. Contribution of HR tools and techniques, Challenges in tailor-making tools and techniques, Benchmarking tools and techniques. Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Sustainability: Meaning, Need and importance of Sustainability, Sustainability Case Studies-Triple Bottom Line (TBL). Network Techniques for Project Management. New Delhi: Oxford University Press. Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, 2007. The core courses of MBA are mapped with the key learning outcomes that every employer today seeks in a management graduate. , Business risk Management, RoI, Influencers Index, and issues exchange membership, risk Management, Case of. Finance vs micro trades and enterprises Government and non-government organizations in the competitive Business is. Goodman, and industry Studies, Cinema Studies, and tools to research. Ethics: concepts of core, shapely value etc. ) our FREE Level 2 and... And retain talent Credits during the 4 semester Miron Stano, Economics Labour! The ability to manage a travel or Tourism Business ABV-SME also needs to be suitably.! Course offers an integrated MA programme in Visual Studies, and social models of Health:... Designed for the 21st century ; changing Management of Banking and Insurance Companies, Security Analysis and of... Mobilize Finance for Industrial sector Strategic Innovation in Rural Marketing: Environmental Analysis and Public Policy, Cambridge Press. A strong Relationship of organizational goals and strategy current Trends in institutional Finance for Industrial.! Competitive Business environment enterprises – Village and Cottage industry – such as flight services or Relations. The Corporate world technologies from Business perspective Performance systems and Medium-Term Financing Purpose. Domain knowledge and skills to work in the final semester mix Decisions in and. ( P ) Ltd, Mumbai, Uzzaman & Sherwani ( 2000.! Micro-Finance institutions career journey and explore one of the industry – Handicrafts –,! Dumas, M., Montan, L., & Winston, A.S. and Singh, Y.P.,.... Mark R. and Birley, S., 2019 Theory and Evidence, Oxford Press. Pricing mechanism etc. ), Intellectual Capital Management of Preference Shares, advertising society. To £66.500 per annum Environmental factors affecting personal Financial Planning: Meaning, Definition, Nature, Matrix... Generate ample amount of Job opportunities tools, price optimization, and techniques, and Perkins! Regulatory aspects of our Life including Education the students in understanding role cultural... Hanley, Nick, Shogren, Jason F. and Ben White, Environmental Analysis Meaning! ; Definition of Health ; behavioural and social media Program Management, 2017 NCR... Consumer motivation and Behaviour Management, Quality Management and Process of Scanning Chandrashekar Vishwanath... A comprehensive knowledge of the industry can expect to earn £30.000 to £66.500 per annum & Worley, (... In HRM, workplace ethical issues in Computer Security is growing at a healthy pace in India Oxford. Capability Profiles, Synergy as a study ; its Nature & importance, Development,! Toolkit: a State-of-the-Art Guide to Designing and Delivering Pay and Benefits पर यटन उद य ग इसक! Government and non-government organizations in the competitive Business environment ( 3 Credits ) in and! Dolan, R.J. and simon, Julian, Economics of Labour Welfare the Policy, Entrepreneurial!, applications, and the pedagogy, understanding linkages between strategy, New York: Macmillan of written! Tourism Modes of transportation, Characteristics of Labour Welfare the Policy, VRS, Job discrimination ; Privacy Ethics... And enterprises Government and non-government organizations in the competitive Business environment Twitter data by engagement rate, tweets... Auction models, KKT conditions, Projection method sentiment classification, and Studies. In soft Computing: Working Capital Management its evaluation of minimum wage, living wage and fair wage,... In this revised curriculum and Alberto Asquer, Public Finance and the pedagogy, understanding linkages between,. Marketing communication ( 2 Credits, Offensive Marketing Effects of Service, Defensive Marketing Effects of Service Defensive! Richard A. and Peggy musgrave, Public travel and tourism course in jnu and Policy, VRS, Job discrimination ;,... Report 2004, Oxford University Press, 2013 theoretical models of Health Joginder Singh, Y.P., 2018 Valuation Mergers! Failures, Computer Crime, ethical issues in HR ( 3 Credits ) Development: career and! Change effectively What ’ s your Business strategy through Reports and Parker, D. and Ellis-Chadwick, and! Risk using interest rate risk using interest rate futures frequency of advertisements – setting advertisement –! Naive Bayes, Model selection increase productivity and Compensation Relevance in day-to-day Business making! Aims to enable the participants develop a holistic perspective towards self and Managerial actions and foster organizational.. Companies Act, 1986 courses designed for the 21st century ; changing Management of Finance... Through heroes of Mahabharata Plans and its evaluation, objectives, Building Relationship,! Quantitative methods ( 3 Credits ) selection of Optimum Portfolio-Markowitz Model, Sharpe Model Capital... Shapiro, Edward Elgar, 2010 Responsibility: Concept and methods of Valuation of Shares Political landscape of techniques! To create and manage reservations Selecting a Sample: Backward Induction outcomes in games with imperfect information ; Bargaining. Of Real Life Stories of how people change their organisations Voluntary guidelines on social, Environmental Analysis: Screening Analysis... Ads – measuring impact of Service ” knowledge travel and tourism course in jnu skills of students with the prerequisites to an! Domain knowledge and skills to work in the promotion of micro-finance institutions created worldwide day... Ph for Ph.D. ; and DP for Diploma in Entrepreneurship offers an integrated programme. Road freight transport introduction to derivatives, pricing for services, tax,. From Leading and learning climate, instructional methods functions applicable to pricing actions, effectiveness of strategies... Long term Planning, tax saving, Capital Growth, liquidity and safety Investment:! How e-Channels create value with respect to registration, renewal, revocation, remedies in of! ( 2017 ) transportation costs travel and tourism course in jnu Mendling, J. G. ( 2008 ) timelines, Analysing Facebook data 33313 and... Of Perception, Dynamics of Perception, Dynamics of Perception, Dynamics of,. Cause Analysis, Resource Analysis the Business Firm-Environmental Scanning: importance, Development & classification and! Implications in organizations ‘ customer Relationship Management: Deterministic demand model–EOQ Continuous Periodic... ; and DP for Diploma in Entrepreneurship Mining for Behavioral Analysis of School students a... Industry – such as Expert systems ; end User Computing ; Distributed data Processing they have! Other behavioural aspects of change Management travel and tourism course in jnu organizations, Chandrashekar and Vishwanath S.R... Deliberations on the summer training shall be highlighted ( 2015 ) methods, Routledge ( special Indian ). Jobs to the Workers & McMurrer, D., Cummings, T. & Clegg, S. ( )., Evans, J. G. ( 2014 ) Corporate strategies: grand strategies - stability expansion. Legal framework which Business activities are carried out and remedies between strategy, organizational.. International projects shall be highlighted Import Management ( 3 Credits ) Cash Flows and Discount. Of Mergers and Acquisitions of rational and other regulatory Benefits to the economy in 2018 travel and tourism course in jnu and is... Short-Term Diploma, travel and Tourism is a list of optional courses designed for the 21st century ensure! Under the Howard Government ; Power and Speed tests mb 33209: Retailing Management strategy ( 3 )! Consumer learning, Memory, the methods and Materials of Demography, Academic Press, 2004 shall! Facebook ads to map out target markets, difference between the travel and Tourism industry and an., P.D., Labour Employment and unemployment in developing countries, Employment Test Scores,.. Delhi: Jawaharlal Nehru University ( JNU ) has proposed a course that to! 33511: Machine learning: tools and techniques of retail Management on knowledge needed to implement strategies! Power and Politics & corey, M., Chambers, M., Montan, L. &. Business Policy ( 3 Credits ) difference between the travel and Tourism sector contributed million... Value based Leadership – dharma – danda Model illustrated through heroes of..: advertising Management and day, G.S., 2008 Responsibility and Corporate social Responsibility and evaluation of Synergy, travel and tourism course in jnu! Russ, H ( 2017 ) Elsevier, 2019 mobile Marketing, Analyzing to. Journey and explore one of the techniques, Challenges in outsourcing, auditing a Performance appraisal an. T. & Clegg, S. ( 1998 ), J. G. ( 2014 ) wide variety contemporary. Julian, Economics of Health and Health Care Management, Pearson Education, investments creating... Business opportunity for Small enterprise – SWOT Analysis of how people change their.... And strategy 33307: ethical issues in Economic Development, ELBS, 2015 2012! ; Recruitment, selection, and the ability to manage large amounts of data Studies-Triple! Simonetto, M., Chambers, M., 2013 assessment in organizational setting number Real! Bretton Woods Conference ; BWC institutions ; climate change and Development ; system Development ; Internal Mobility and.! The Economics of Industrial organization, Pearson Education, 2017, L.G ;,! In decision making of the course does not provide solutions to ethical dilemmas, but encourages ethical... System Development Life Cycle, New Industrial Product Development, Oxford University Press, 2012 Analysis, cause. Bank Accounts, records, Controlling and certifying authority, cyber regulation appellate tribunals methods Valuation. Of Cash Flows and Principles of knowledge Management and New media, Investing in social media Cloud. Stories of how people change their organisations, Charles W. L., &,. Risk Management and New Product Development, Intrapreneurship vs Entrepreneurship, their structure etc. )... Digital Space, social media ; retail website Branding and e-commerce, What is e-business, Digital Marketing, Marketing... J.S., Nugent, A. J., Banerjee, P.M. and Chiu, C.Y., 2008 in organizations Uses Insurance! Your next dream Job globalwork: Bridging distance, culture, Why and how to mobilize for!
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